Healthy Gut= Happy You (Molybdenum & Candida)

Let’s face it.  Molybdenum just isn’t the most talked about mineral, but that doesn’t minimize its significance to human health. Molybdenum is an essential trace element, found in small amounts in the body and the diet, and has been found to be beneficial for detoxification, particularly for individuals with Candida albicans.

In the previous blogs I discussed the importance of gut health.  Indeed it is the first step in the cleanse and detox treatment because the gut is the main path to elimination of many toxins and if it is not functioning well your entire detox effort is wasted:  (Previous post titled “Happy Gut = Happy You”

Step 1;  Remove (bad bugs, allergens): these tend to promote inflammation and break down barrier defenses.

The first step is to find a practitioner that can offer stool testing to recognize any possible causative agents that are causing gut inflammation or abnormal gut microbes that may be causing pain, blotting, or inefficient nutrient processing.  This can be investigated using stool sample testing, elimination diet or food allergy testing.  Once the causative factors are identified then it is easier to move to the next steps leading to relief of many symptoms and issues due to the abnormal gut function.

Candida Albicans is a normal part of the gut microbial community but when it is overgrown is can cause a host of problems. When it is identified as a problem there are a host of therapies to treat the candida overgrowth.  The real goal of treating candida is to keep the population low so that the good bacteria has space and nutrients to do it’s job of supporting your metabolism by providing much needed protection and nutrients as well as aid in digestion.

The human body benefits in several ways from normal bacteria:

  • They stimulate the growth of the intestinal lining and the immune system of the intestine.
  • They prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria within the intestine.
  • They produce vitamin K, which is absorbed and used by the host.
  • They improve the muscular activity of the small intestine.


So, here is another nutrient to look for in your multivitamin to help keep you and your gut healthy.  Adults who are at least 19 years old need approximately 45 micrograms of molybdenum each day. Not getting enough molybdenum may increase your risk of esophageal cancer and lower your life expectancy, according a 2012 study published in the “Global Journal of Health Science” and a 2009 study in “Environmental Geochemistry and Health.” Molybdenum deficiency is rare in the United States. A varied, balanced diet that includes molybdenum-rich foods can help ensure that you reach your daily requirement.  Good sources include beans, nuts and soy.

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