Constipation is Illegal

…When it comes to maximizing your metabolism of Estrogens so that you can decrease your risk for Breast and Endometrial Cancer

Estrogens are processed by the liver for elimination from the body to be excreted by the gut or kidneys.  Why is it important that this process happens smoothly?  Certain cancers are responsive to elevated levels of estrogens such as breast, prostate and uterine cancers.  If you cannot not eliminate estrogens and their metabolites they build up in the body and can stimulate cancer cell development and proliferation.

And it’s not just the estrogens we make but also the estrogens we eat, drink and are exposed to via our environment and foods that increase our risk of developing these cancers.

And guys…you need to ‘move it-move it’ when it comes to your bowels as well.  It’s not just about the girls when it comes to properly eliminating estrogens.

Good rule of thumb is to have 1 to 3 well formed stools a day, cigar colored without blood, mucous or fat in the toilet bowel.  Also key is what you eat.  Things that can help with regular bowel movements are:

  1. A Good Probiotic ( emphasis on good).  Good bacteria in the gut will muscle out the bacterial that is known to undo all the liver’s hard work on estrogen detoxification for elimination.  The bad bacteria helps estrogens to become re-absorbed back into the body from the gut.  It’s like going to the well for water, bringing it back (uphill) and having wasted the entire effort because there was a hole in the bucket.
  2. Flax Seed is a great fiber to help will healthy bowel function as well as estrogen metabolism.  It binds the estrogens to keep them from getting re-absorbed.  Eating  1-2 serving of fruits and veggies/meal (that right PER MEAL) is a great way to keep the plumbing working well.
  3. DIM supports the liver to metabolized estrogens down the ‘better’ pathways as not to have as high a risk of developing estrogen related cancers.



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