How Round-up Branded glyphosate kills weeds…and the nutrition in our foods.

According to Dr. Huber, an award-winning scientist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University for the past 35 years, “It’s important to realize that glyphosate is not ‘just’ an herbicide. It was first patented as a *mineral chelator*. It immobilizes nutrients, so they’re not physiologically available for your body.”

Glyphosate is ubiquitous in our food system


Are we like the Ancient Civilizations going to poison ourselves into extinction?  Glyphosate is only one of many potential carcinogenic compound but it’s GLOBAL application makes it one of the more worrisome ones.

You have heard to arguments on both sides of what the herbicide in Round-up Brand glyphosate has done clinically.  There are a list of associated health conditions that I will refer you to Doctor Google  to enumerate and hear both sides of the debate

I recently learned how it works, and it the reason that it is so toxic to all life, both plant and animal.  Glyphosate is what is called a mineral chelator.  That is that it binds minerals and won’t let go.  These minerals are necessary for the basic biochemistry of life and without them the organism cannot fully function.  I wonder if this is one of the compounding reasons we have been losing nutritional value in our foods?

It is basic, simple and highly effective way of killing weeds and anything that needs minerals to live (that will be all life).

Unfortunately glyphosate does not know the difference between a plant or an animal.  It is sprayed on weeds but get absorbs in the soil, goes deep to the clay layer and then seeps up slowly to be present in minute but significant amounts to cause a lot of issues over time.

There are way too many humans on the planet but there has to be a better population control method.




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