Time to Rehibilitate Your Body


How many of us have been struggling to change but cannot on a long term basis? Counting calories and exercise may provide great results, but how many of us can maintain that rigorous type of lifestyle and not feel deprived or starved?

If you can, congratulations. My personal experience has been that I had success yet, I could not keep it up. There had to be a physiological reason. I started researching and reading about studies investigating hormones and the control they have over our ability to gain or lose fat.

There followed the “Aha!” moment:

It is not just calories in and calories out. There are reasons Skinny Sam stayed skinny despite eating the same foods and Fat Fred could never lose weight and keep it off despite all the diets.

Hormones and gut health  play an even greater role than calorie counting. Because if you can optimize the hormones and ‘clean up your gut’ you can support long term fat loss and healthier lifestyle with greater ease.

There is still work to be done: You have to put in the time if you did the crime. But treating the metabolic, nutritional and hormonal imbalances will rehabilitate our bodies so that we stop becoming repeat offenders.

One hormones does not work in isolation of other hormones.  Like text messages they become a communication network to what the body needs.  Hormonal diagnostic evaluation and treatment with proper nutritional support can help the system to function better so that you get less loss texts and dropped calls  when trying to activate the weight loss systems.

Hormonal optimization starts with nutrition but in some cases direct replacement can support better body function and maintenance like people who need insulin or need hormone replacement because of menopause or andropause or low thyroid function.


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