Playing Dodge-ball with Sugar Cravings?

Craving cutting supplements:

  • Vitamin D3: When Vitamin D levels are low, the hormone that helps turn off your appetite doesn’t work and people feel hungry all the time, no matter how much they eat.

Action:  Get your vitamin D tested so that you know how much to supplement.  Best source is the sun, but if you have very fair skin or a history of skin cancer then supplement via food and Vitamin D3.

  • Omega3 Fatty Acids: Low levels of omega three fatty acids are involved in normal brain cell function, insulin control and inflammation.
  • Image result for omega3

Action:  Eat low heavy metal exposed fatty fish 3/week (Cold water fish: herring, mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna)

AND/OR – non-fish rich foods in the ‘odd’ Omegas like walnuts, soy beans, chia seeds, and flax seeds

  • Craving Control: glutamine, 5HTP and amino acids may help reduce cravings.
  • Image result for leans meats

Action:  Add more lean proteins and good fats to your meals at EVERY MEAL

  • Control Cortisol:  Try to control cortisol levels which may also sabatage  weight loss efforts.
  • Image result for normal cortisol curve

Action:  Get your Cortisol Curve (not a single cortisol blood but a four point cortisol curve) tested by a physician trained to do so.


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