Why ask why? What is functional medicine…

“…all body organs are interconnected, so that simply repairing a part without addressing the underlying causes for its failure provides only temporary relief and a false sense of security.”  Dr. Rakel and Dr. Weil

Functional Medicine is a growing awareness in the medical field that the causes of diseases must be healed in the foundation level of our metabolic and physiological selves. To ignore the way that all of our bodily functions are intertwined is to permit the bull in the china shop.

Image result for the functional medicine treeThe Institute for  Functional Medicine promotes the symbolic use of the tree to represent our disease processes where the symptoms of the disease are seen in the leaves and branches and we in medicine call these areas specializations.  BUT, the disease is happening deep in the tree at the level of the roots.  This is where the life force of the tree exist, where nutrients are taken from the earth and stored from the labor of the rest of the plant.  Treating the limbs and leaves of the tree will not cure what ails it.  Treating your symptoms and not the cause of your illness will not help you to gain more positive health and wellness.

Action Point:  So when you go see your health provider, be it M.D., D.O., Naturopathic, Chiropractic, etc.; just don’t ask what is happening to you but why it is happening.  Then, armed with the knowledge of how YOU work, you can make real healing choices.


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