You have to find a different path…

They way you are eating, drinking, and maybe exercising is not working for you or for me.


In this world of patient being consumers with ratings searched for online  and scoring for bonuses in medical corporate structures  the truth has been shaded green.  That is, your friendly neighborhood doctor is no longer telling you the whole truth.


That truth is that there is no magic pill for the abuse we do to our bodies through over-eating, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep and no adequate tools to manage stress.  The path that we are on is not good for you.  Rates of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease are increasing astronomically like a zombie virus.  Consuming everything in our paths and passing on to anyone in our immediate environment.


If your leg was bleeding and you couldn’t stop it you would go the emergency center.  Well this is a slow, smolder on-going emergency.  Get a functional medicine, metabolic medicine, integrative medicine doctor ASAP.  Use every resource available to you.  Educate yourself.  Walk a better path.  But remember, to walk that path you must become the path.

stop, really you gotta stop



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