Joycie M. Smith, MD

There are many who will tell you that the traditional healthcare is no good, and many others who say that alternative medicine is a waste of time. I can tell you that there are actually benefits to a variety of medical disciplines, and I can help you identify which may be of benefit on your journey of wellness.

As a Fellow of the University of Arizona’s Integrative Medicine Program and a diplomat of the Metabolic and Medicine Institute I have been able to add valuable knowledge to the traditional medical education and training that I received at the University of Chicago Medical School.  As well as completing my basic medical education at the University of Hawai’i I also gain a healthy appreciation for Ohana and the goodness of living the in the moment.  Specialty training at the Harvard University’s Anesthesia Department at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Management allowed me the privilege of being your family medicine doctor in the operating room.

It is in the operating room that I noticed a trend that I became professional concerned in regards to American health.  I was really seeing the same patients and their family members for many surgical procedures that could have been prevented by lifestyle choices or a more integrative approach may have prevented.

Obtaining additional educational training at the University of Arizona and with the Metabolic Medicine Institute has enabled me to dedicate part of my professional practice to being able to offer to patients, family and friends someone who is willing to bridge the spectrum of traditional American style medicine and understand the role and place of alternative techniques working in concert.

In good health, vibrancy, and happiness,

Joycie M Smith, MD


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